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Oct 19, 2012 12:00pm PDT
to take extra steps to make local calls. ann reuben is live to tell us how they are preparing for it. >> reporter: there has been an ad campaign warning people for weeks the way you dial in the 408 area code is about to change, now in order to make a local call you will dial as if you were dialing long distance. starting tomorrow in the south bay get ready to dial some extra digits. >> i didn't know it was coming up so soon but -- >> that's right if you live in the 408 area code you will need to dial all digits to make even a local call. the reason, the introduction of a new carry code, 669. >>> it will actually be what is called an overlaw district where the old 408 numbers and new sick 69 ones will exist in the same space, not every 1 is happy about the changes. >> pretty soon you will have to dial 50 numbers in order to get wherever it is you are trying to call and it just doesn't make sense. there has got to be a better solution. >> the california public utilities commission says this was the best option and because of cell phones and add technology the existing prefixes were bei
Oct 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
? >> thank you, rosemary. we'll check with you for the local weather. >> and helping restore power to local people. the utility is sending 150 workers to new york. and they will be asifting, edison crews. and they are leaving today. >> and we talked to a pga spokesperson. >> and as many other utilities are. and a huge effort from utilities crews across the nation. and ready and willing to help much. >> and sandy left at least 8 million people without power and 13 states. >> bay area volunteers are lending a hand to the super storm relief efforts. volunteers to the area, and santa cruz chapters of the red cross was sent out to the east coast. >> many more are waiting for flights to be allowed in the area. the red cross set up shop in nine states. it plans to deliver 250,000 ready to eat meals to storm victims. >>> and the federal government remains shuttered for a second day. in seven minutes, we'll tell you about the mess that needs to be cleaned up. >> other top story, getting ready for the world series parade. it takes a lot to organize a big event. fortunately, the city has a little rece
Oct 12, 2012 12:00pm PDT
be able to work right now. we'll have to find a place locally. >> reporter: the restaurant owner was out of town. his brother called them tell him one of the squat and gobbles had -- called him to tell him that one of the squat and gobbles had gone up in flames. >> reporter: and much of west portal was shut down. these businesses will not be able to open in quite sometime. there's upwards in $4 million. the fire blocked through muni lines for hours. >> it's really frustrating. >> reporter: two firefighters were treated for minor injuries. spoke inhalation and elva lated carbon monoxide levels. luckily -- em la vateed vate -- el la vateed carbon monoxide levels -- elevated carbon monoxide levels. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> coming up in 10 minutes the major fire in the south bay. it was dangerous to fight not only because of the flames but also because of what was inside of that house. >>> much of the bay area woke up to light rain and cloudy skies. let's take you outside to emeryville. you can see the gray skies are still there. it's clearing in a few places across the bay a
Oct 15, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. >> reporter: now weather the giants win or lose playoffs are a win for local businesses. the coffee shop enjoyed a pre- game rush yesterday and managers say they are preparing for another busy afternoon today. >> i think people are always happy in a good mood and they come out and have a great time. >> it's good for business. >> it's good for business and good for the city and good for everyone. >> reporter: they are 3 and 0 on the road and they are hoping the energy of the crowd and home field advantage would have translated into a win but the giants get another shot and they will play again 430 and you can watch that right here on -- play again at 4:30 and you can see that right here on ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage starts today at 4:30 following an earlier addition at 4:00. we have complete giants coverage on our website click on the mlb tab and send us your photographs to and you may see them on the air. >>> they hope the bay area will be among the cities considered for the 2016 super bowl. we are told the annual fall league meeting is going on today a
Oct 5, 2012 12:00pm PDT
education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >>> a woman in custody after leading deputies on a wild chase. she ran several red lights on east 14th last night. once she got to the end of the street she turned around and went the other way. she was stopped and arrested at 61st avenue. the chase lasted nearly a half hour. a's have grabbed headlines but now play off fever is burning up on the other side of the bay. happening now, a rally for giants is underway at 24 willy mays plaza. alex, what's happening? >> reporter: willy mays plaza packed with fans, all of them have their rally towels and are ready to go. they're calling this orange friday rally, everyone geared up for the post season as you can imagine, fans decked out in orange and black, several hundred on hand outside of att park this afternoon. giants open up play offs at home tomorrow against cincinnati reds, the game is tomorrow. game 2 as well on sunday. giants headed back to
Oct 4, 2012 12:00pm PDT
straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >>> an encouraging report on the labor market and better sales helped pushing the stock market higher, the government said 367,000 americans south unemployment benefits better than expected, the dow up 76, nasdaq up 13, s&p up 9. today mark zuckerberg announced facebook now has more than 1 billion active users each month. he made the announcement by updating his facebook page status. most is overseas, that is good news amid the difficult times it has been facing since then. >>> a group of activist taking a bus tour around the state urging voters to reject proposition 32 that would restrict california union's ability to raise and contribute money. the group stopped in oakland today, taking aim at the cokee brothers who they say have poured money into prop 32. >>> today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 a outbreak of a rare form of meningitis has now been linked to california. the one connection between all the case
Oct 10, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. >>> coming up, you might be surprised when you hear which local city tops the list with the most tech startups and why so many bay area winemakers are toasting a good year. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight. [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin... [ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms and that one of them had ruptured. [ female announcer ] fortunately, she was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love. [ female announcer ] california pacific medical center and sutter health. our story is you. >>> downbeat reports from alcoa and san ramon
Oct 16, 2012 12:00pm PDT
traffic and hurt local businesses. >>> today a federal appeals court in washington, dc takes up the debate over medical marijuana. the oakland-based group americans for safe access, is challenging the federal government's schedule one classification of marijuana. schedule one drugs are considered to have no accepted medical use. last year the drug enforcement agency rejected the asa's request to reclassify marijuana saying there's no agreement among medical professionals about its benefits. >>> mostly sunny, warmer day underway. chances are you are feeling it because it's a notable one. anywhere from five to 15 degrees above yesterday's numbers at this time. giving you a live look at the blue sky, still with good air quality around the region for today. the winds are beginning to shift just a little bit in some areas, we're seeing an off-shore flow beginning to settle in and it will be with us for the next couple of days. the northwesterly breeze in santa rosa gusts to 20 reported at this time. really aiding in the heatup in your area. the dry downward flow is bringing 80 degrees to santa
Oct 17, 2012 12:00pm PDT
ominous system. >> all right. we'll check back with on the local weather. once again, assuming the game starts on time, you can watch game 3 on ktvu. our coverage starts at 123:30 with the -- 12:30 with the first pitch scheduled after that. >>> tigers beat the yankees last night. cc sabathia is scheduled to pitch tonight at 5:00. >>> san francisco authorities say they've arrested 64-year- old dr. marvin bonham faces 18 felony counts of trading prescriptions for cash and methamphetamine. he's medical director in santa clara county. investigators say he also provided meth and marijuana to minors. he's scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. >>> in developing news out of pacifica, police are investigating the discovery of a body. we have little information about what happened. but the intersection of lindomar boulevard is closed for the investigation. 24 is -- is video from newschopper2 just after 10:00 this morning. some media reports. but police have not confirmed that. we'll have more details on the website and coming up later in newscasts as the information becomes available. the oakland p
Oct 23, 2012 12:00pm PDT
for local businesses. >> we came here across the street to make sure we got our jerseys. >> reporter: even a day after fans flocked to get whatever they could get their hands on. hats, jacket, t-shirt, even -- >> we've been trying to get pins for -- pins for caps. >> i wanted to show my pride. >> reporter: they've worked tirelessly. these are the championship shirts. >> we have six machines going. we got out some last night before the game. >> reporter: yeah. >> we're gonna do more an keep up the demand. >> reporter: back off the field. >> 1, 2, 3 -- >> reporter: after a torrential downpour last night, crews finally lifted the tarp and spray washed to get the fans ready for the world series. ♪ >> reporter: i just got done speaking to one of the employees here at the dugout sports stores and he says some of the hot sellers include the hats, the t-shirts and because of this cold weather, the jackets are hot sellers as well. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> wellge the energy at at&t mark -- well, the energy at at&t park was electric. and the giants stuck it out. many said there was n
Oct 24, 2012 12:00pm PDT
in a day of community service. he will get a tour of local services, based in the winning city. >>> bay area transit agencies are expanding their services. b.a.r.t. is adding extra trains to help people get to and from at&t park. the vallejo bay link service is offering direct runs to and from the park and caltrain says if its trains are filled to capacity, it will add extra service as needed. >>> also, forecasters are keeping an eye on the sky just in case rain could getten the -- rain could threaten the game. steve paulson will have more on that coming up. >>> if you look closely in this picture, you will see the giants' logo there. >>> and you can watch the world series right here on ktvu. our pregame coverage begins at 4:30 this afternoon. it follows an early addition of the news which starts at 4:00. >>> there's growing concern about school safety in mountain view. tonight, parents, police and school officials are holding a meeting after several students were hit by cars during the past two weeks. janine de la vega is live in mountain view to tell us about the growing concern at th
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11